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Free Printable May 2021 Calendar

You are most welcome in our new article. In this article, we have collected all the information related to May month. May is the last month of spring, so we know you’re looking for a perfect monthly planner to organize your summer trips. Most of the time people get confused while organizing any trip because planning everything alone is a difficult task. Most people use printable monthly calendars to plan such trips and holidays. If you are also one of those who are planning a summer vacation trip with your family then you can use our May 2021 calendar Printable.

May 2021 Calendar Printable Free Download
May 2021 Calendar Printable

Plan your month with May 2021 Calendar

Are you also one of those who struggle to manage multiple tasks at one time? And also want a perfect solution for it? If yes then start planning your month in advance. We always need a proper plan for everything and without a plan, we cannot complete the work effectively. Therefore, it is very important to plan to complete all the tasks without any problem. You can complete all your tasks on time, for this, you just need to download the cute May 2021 calendar. This printable calendar will help you in many ways, you can make note of all your important events, appointments, and also family functions. Plan your month with the 2021 May calendar printable Now!

Printable Calendar For 2021 May Month
2021 May Calendar Printable

Use May 2021 Calendar with Holidays

We all want to spend time with our family and friends but due to the busy work schedule, it is possible only on holidays. We know the importance of holidays but most people do not get time for this. Their most common reason for not getting time is somewhere they lack in time management. Our May 2021 Calendar with Holidays can solve your problem. You can mark all the May 2021 holidays on the printed copy of the May calendar 2021 and plan accordingly.

May 2021 Calendar With Holidays
May 2021 Calendar Printable with Holidays

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May 2022 Calendar Printable
May 2022 Calendar Printable

History of May Month

Most of the countries follow the Gregorian Calendar and according to this, May is the fifth month of the year. However, before the Gregorian calendar people were using the Julian calendar and in that calendar, there were only ten months in the year. In the Julian calendar, may was the third month of the year. This is because January and February months were not there in the Julian calendar. After so long years, lots of changes and modifications took place in the calendar, and January and February were also added in the year. If we talk about the name of May month then it has taken from the Greek Goddess of Earth named Maia. People in Rome known her as the Goddess of Fertility. Lily of the Valley is the official flower of May Month.

Holidays in May 2021 Month (H3)

Do you know about Loyalty Day? Well, it is a global holiday in May month. In the United State of America, people celebrate Loyalty Day every 1st of May. Although, the vast majority if the world celebrates it as an International Labor Day but in the United State of America, Labor Day is on the first Monday of September month. There are many more federal and non-federal holidays in May month. We have given the complete list of Holidays in May Month.

DateMay 2021 Holidays
May 1Orthodox Holy Saturday 2021
May 1Kentucky Derby 2021
May 1Law Day 2021
May 1Loyalty Day 2021
May 1National Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Day 2021
May 1Lei Day 2021 (Hawaii)
May 2Orthodox Easter 2021
May 3Orthodox Easter Monday 2021
May 4Kent State Shootings Remembrance 2021 (Ohio)
May 4Rhode Island Independence Day 2021 (Rhode Island)
May 5Cinco de Mayo 2021
May 6National Nurses Day 2021
May 6National Day of Prayer 2021
May 7‘Truman Day’ 2021 observed (Missouri)
May 7Military Spouse Appreciation Day 2021
May 8Lailat al-Qadr 2021
May 8Truman Day 2021 (Missouri)
May 8Victory in Europe Day 2021
May 9Mother’s Day 2021
May 10Confederate Memorial Day 2021 (South Carolina)
May 10Confederate Memorial Day 2021 (North Carolina)
May 13Ascension Day 2021
May 13Eid al-Fitr 2021
May 14Native American Day 2021 (Wyoming)
May 15Peace Officers Memorial Day 2021
May 15Armed Forces Day 2021
May 15Preakness Stakes 2021
May 17Shavuot 2021
May 19Emergency Medical Services for Children Day 2021
May 21National Defense Transportation Day 2021
May 22National Maritime Day 2021
May 22Harvey Milk Day (California) 2021
May 23Pentecost 2021
May 24Whit Monday 2021
May 25National Missing Children’s Day 2021
May 30Trinity Sunday 2021
May 31Memorial Day 2021

Special Days In May 2021 Month

Cinco de Mayo 20215th MayWednesday
Mother’s Day 20219th MaySunday
Armed Forces Day 202115th MaySaturday
Pentecost 202123rd MaySunday
Pentecost Monday 202124th MayMonday
Memorial Day 202131st MayMonday

Mother’s Day

We all love our mother and we can do every possible thing for her. That’s the reason Mother’s Day is one of the biggest moments when we can spend entire day with our mother. On every second Sunday of May month people celebrate Mother’s Day. It is the day to appreciate all the efforts and sacrifices of our mother and grandmother’s.  In history, first time this day was celebrated in 1908. A lady from west Virginia named Anna Jarvis began a campaign to make this day as a national holiday. Finally, in the year 1914 she succeeded in her mission. Former U.S president Woodrow Wilson declared second Sunday as the Mother’s Day.  It would be wonderful if you surprise you mother on this Mother’s Day. If you are so much in your work then use our May 2021 Calendar Printable and plan your month with your loveable mother.

Dates for Mother’s Day from Year 2021 to 2025

Mother’s Day 2021May 9th
Mother’s Day 2022May 8th
Mother’s Day 2023May 14th
Mother’s Day 2024May 12th
Mother’s Day 2025May 11th

Memorial Day

It is one of the greatest federal holidays for the United States to remember those who sacrificed their lives in military services. As it is a federal holiday in U.S.A, people celebrate it on every last Monday of May month. Most of the offices, school, collages, universities get closed on this day. This day was widely observed on May 30, 1868.

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