June 2021 Calendar Printable | 2021 June Calendar Free Templates

Free Printable June 2021 Calendar

You are most welcome to download June 2021 calendar printable for free. The blank June calendars are available in multiple formats and you and get them in Word, Excel, PDF, and PNG formats. We have kept editable and customizable options in Word and Excel June 2021 calendar. The PDF and PNG versions of these calendar templates would be our recommendation for better quality and print. You can use our free June monthly planner to create your monthly plans and activities. You can also use it as a planner to tack all your office appointments, events, end meetings.

June 2021 Calendar Printable
June 2021 Calendar Printable

Plan your month with June 2021 Calendar

If you need a calendar to plan any specific task such as a heath chat or diet planner then you can download our best planner for the 2021 June Calendar with notes. We have given extra space for To-Do list. In the given To-do list column, you can make a list of checklists, grocery lists, meal plans, etc. We also offer a floral calendar for every month. You can also check out our Cute June 2021 calendar with Holidays for your kids. Even you can save the cute calendar as wallpaper for the wall of desktop wallpaper.

June 2021 Calendar With Holidays
June 2021 Calendar Cute

Maintain Your Online Calendar

You can track your online calendar for June month for all your important tasks. You simply create an online calendar in google calendar. Before you download the free printable calendar from this website, we would like to tell you that all the templates are in American formats. You can print your June 2021 online calendar to plan your summer vacation. We know that it is difficult to plan outdoor activities and we always need a tool to create a perfect plan for all the activities. We have created a calendar for June 2021 in all the available formats.

June 2021 Calendar
Calendar June 2021

History of June Month

We know that June is the sixth month of the year but do you know who June got its name? Juno, currently known as June was named after the Roman Goddess Juno.  According to accident Roman history, Juno was the wife of Jupiter and she was well known as the goddess of marriage. That’s the reason most people still believe that June is the best month of marriage and brings happiness. Accordingly, June brings summer and it also brings the “wedding season” in the United State of America. American people believe that June brings happiness in newly married couples and it’s good to get married in the month of June.

June 2021 Printable Calendar
June 2021 Printable Calendar

if you have planned to attend any marriage in June month then you must have a Printable June 2021 Calendar with you. You can organize your upcoming marriage function and other necessary events according to your needs. June has 30 days and after April it is the second month to have 30 days. If we look into the history of June month then we find that earlier, it was the fourth month of the year. This is because January and February were added later in the Current Gregorian calendar. One more theory says that June’s name was taken from the Latin word “iuniores’ which means “younger once”.

June 2022 Calendar Printable
June 2022 Calendar Printable

If we talk about the birthstones, June has many of them and all of them symbolize long and healthy life. There are three birthstones in June month as the pearl, the moonstone, and Alexandrite. As the name suggests itself moonstone symbolizes the surface of the moon with its marbleized texture. The pearls are the white color stone that represents pureness and sincerity. Most people love to gift this stone to relatives and at wedding functions. On the other hand, Alexandrite is a very rare stone that can be found in purple color.


In terms of official flower, June have Rose and the honeysuckle as official flowers. Both the flowers are purely symbolic of Love and happiness. Where red roses are the most popular in young couples and unique honey nectar with tube-shaped honeysuckle is also in demand.

Holydays in June Month

Flag Day and Father’s Day are the most popular holidays in June month. People celebrate National Flag Day on the 14th June of every year and People also celebrate Father’s Day on June 20. We have given the complete list of June 2021 Holidays in the United States. You can check out the dates and mention those in your favorite June 2021 Calendar Printable With Holidays.

DateJune 2021 Holidays
Jun 1Statehood Day 2021 (Kentucky, Tennessee)
Jun 2Native American Day 2021 (Arizona)
Jun 3Corpus Christi 2021
Jun 3Jefferson Davis’ Birthday 2021 (Florida)
Jun 5Belmont Stakes 2021
Jun 6D-Day 2021
Jun 7Jefferson Davis’ Birthday 2021 (Alabama)
Jun 11Kamehameha Day 2021 (Hawaii)
Jun 13Bunker Hill Day 2021 (Massachusetts)
Jun 14Army Birthday 2021
Jun 14Flag Day 2021
Jun 19Juneteenth 2021 (New York)
Jun 19Juneteenth 2021
Jun 19Emancipation Day 2021 (Texas)
Jun 20Father’s Day 2021
Jun 20West Virginia Day 2021 (West Virginia)
Jun 20American Eagle Day 2021
Jun 20June Solstice 2021
Jun 21‘West Virginia Day’ 2021 observed (West Virginia)


Special Days In June 2021 Month

D-Day 20216th JuneSaturday
Flag Day 202114th JuneMonday
Father’s Day 202116th JuneWednesday
American Eagle Day 2021 20th JuneTuesday


Flag Day 2021

Flag Day is not a federal holiday but people celebrate this day to show respect to their national flag. America got the freedom from British Colonists in 1777 and United State approved the design of it National Flag. Since 1777 National Flag Day is being celebrated on every 14th June.

Father’s Day 2021

Father’s Day is the best day to show your love to your father. We all celebrate this day to honor the father’s sacrifices and unconditional love. Just like Mother’s Day, you can plan a surprise party for your father. The United States and other countries celebrate this day every 3rd Sunday of June month. You can bookmark this date in your 2021 June printable calendar and plan accordingly.

Conclusion: At the end of the article we request you to download your favorite June 2021 calendar printable for your office and personal use. You can also share these calendar templates with your Friends and family members. We are the official website for all your Printable monthly calendar requirements. You can bookmark this website for the upcoming July 2021 Calendar and other printable stuff